Continuation of..... Winter V Telewest Broadband,

and their fixing solicitors. A case of serious harassment made to appear otherwise.

The games solicitors play?

The Judge replied instantly saying “it's a JOKE”. Winter stood up, saying he thought such things from solicitors were hardly jokes, but he was very grateful indeed for the assessment. The judge reminded Winter he hadn't been given permission to leave yet, and then after formalities were over, Winter departed in great satisfaction. He wrote to the defendant's solicitor stating the Judge though the letter was a JOKE, and from her on they would receive no replies to any correspondence whatsoever. Payment continued, but after about 6 months Winter received a court notice from Northampton bulk claims centre, that he owed £650 over two case numbers, and on non-payment there would be enforcement procedures instigated. No particulars of the claim, were attached. He replied to the court asking for the particulars as to how the amount had increased by about £250.

Two weeks, ( the required time for particulars to be provided had passed ). The clerk at the court, advised the Judge had written to the solicitors asking for the same, and two weeks later, still nothing. Winter asked for that case to be dismissed, but before doing so, the second case had to be cleaned, and a further request for particulars there were requested.

Meantime, Winter had gathered all the papers together, and noticed that by now three separate solicitors had written, and there was a similarity in the paperwork that had gone unnoticed beforehand. The similarity appeared prominent when all placed together, in that they were all black on white papers. Winter's suspicion was aroused, and he examined all there letterheads closely. The titles were all centred, and the text font sizes were all identical. Closer inspection showed that all salutations, IE Mr. Winters, were identical, perhaps no unreasonable since the title was passed forward, but all salutations at the bottom were of the same font, italicized and in the same positions for each letter. He then held two at a time up to alight source, and noticed that not only the entire letters was using an identical template, but the margin and word wraps also were identical.

Clearly Three differently named solicitors using the same office, same word processor, same template, printer and all the rest, but different post office BOX number, all in the same area of Surrey. Winter wrote immediately to the court and last solicitor stating that all proceedings had to be withdrawn with immediate effect, the amount was no longer enforceable and the Solicitors and their client were liable for proceedings against them to expose the matter.

The Court dismissed both cases, and left the situation that if ever Winter was approached by anyone in this matter, he reserved the right to a continuance in the counter claim proceedings. The amount was of course then written off.

Paperworks is somewhere under lock, and when time permits the names and details will be provided to satisfy any curiosity as to evidential reliance.